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      Engineering plastics has many characteristics, including low density and high strength, resistance to corrosion and chemical erosion, heat insulation, high heat resistance, long-term use without deformation, low expansion coefficient, wear resistance can be improved without lubrication, as well as low noise and other properties, which is normally available to replace metal, glass, copper, aluminum, steel and other parts. Engineering plastic is commonly used as industrial plastics for industrial parts or shell materials, and it is excellent in strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and aging resistance.

  1.  MC-NYLON(PA)Polyamide
  2.  POM
  3.  PEEK
  4.  UHMW-PE
  5.  ABS塑料
  6.  PS塑料
  7.  PMMA塑料(有机玻璃)
  8.  PP塑料
  9.  PE塑料
  10.  PVC
  11.  PC塑料
  12.  PPO塑料 (MPPO)
  13.  PSU塑料
  14.  PTFE塑料(F4)
  15.  ASA塑料
  16.  PPS塑料
  17.  ETFE塑料
  18.  PFA塑料
  19.  PAR塑料 (U塑料)
  20.  酚醛塑料
  21.  氨基塑料
  22.  环氧树脂(EP)
  23.  有机硅塑料(IS)
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